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The Dirty Truth About the 5 Second Rule

Dropped grill items, ice cream cones that topple, pacifiers that hit the floor — most of us have employed the five-second rule at some point to salvage a lost item. Usually some helpful witness shouts out “5 Second Rule” to … Read more

Holiday Party Decor Ideas

Fun and Easy Holiday Party Decor Ideas

We look for any excuse we can to get together with family and friends. One of my favorite occasions are holiday parties! While we have not hosted our own Christmas party (yet) I have been toying with the idea this … Read more

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Dream Bathroom Inspirations

I can not accurately describe how ugly my bathroom is. There are just no words to convey the hideousness. It’s been in a state of remodel since we moved in but because the door is so easily and often shut, … Read more


Why Did the Opossum Cross the Road?

…to play in my yard. A few weeks ago I was asked to share my experience with the installation of the Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch we received for review. We chose to install it in our garage/shed, which houses our … Read more

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7 Incredible Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Last year I hosted a party featuring natural and organic products for the home and for the most part loved the products. Until the the day the skin was burnt from my nostrils when the oven safe, natural cleaner filled my house … Read more

5 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

5 Ways to ReUse Coffee Grounds

Photo Credit My Coffee Supply I find it fascinating that everyday household products can do so much more than the task they were meant for. For instance, I know do just about all of my house hold cleaning with vinegar, … Read more

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Organizing Your Vegetable Garden

I have a small home, with little room for storage and 3 people sharing the space. We have to be really creative about storage and organization or else our tiny cottage can easily look disheveled and cluttered, especially with a … Read more