Gorgeous Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspiration

I often find it interesting that we spend so little time on decorating our bathrooms, yet between bathing, grooming and using the potty (yes, I said potty, it’s the “mom” in me), we spend a lot of time in that … Read more

baking soda uses for beauty and home

20 Clever Baking Soda Uses for Beauty and Home

I’m sure everyone has at least one box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in your home, most likely in your refrigerator. We keep several in our pantry, since it has so many other uses including keeping odors out of the fridge … Read more

Creative Kids Spaces

Creative Kids Spaces: Fun Bedroom Ideas

With the kids getting older, our youngest just turned 2 and our oldest turns 4 in October, its time to start re-designing their rooms. I’m really dragging my feet on this project, because we never planned to live in this … Read more