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Things You Can Do to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico

It has been almost a year since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, devastating the island. Despite the fact that nearly 12 months have passed, many are still without power and struggling to get access to basic necessities such as … Read more

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Sea Turtle Conservation and What You Can Do to Help

“Each year thousands of hatchling turtles emerge from their nests along the southeast U.S. coast and enter the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood.” Sea Turtle Conservancy The threats that turtles … Read more

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5 Cities to Add to Your Travels in 2018

If you’re up for spending your holidays exploring some new destinations, plan a visit to a city you haven’t been to yet! We’ve rounded up a few great cities across the globe to add to your list with splendid landscapes, … Read more

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Cancun: Not just for Spring Breakers anymore!

Cancun, Mexico has been known for many years as the ultimate Spring Break destination for party seekers. As a matter of fact, most families have tended to completely avoid the area for this exact reason. But what if I were … Read more

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10 Private Islands You Can Rent or Buy

When you think of an island getaway, you might picture resorts lined up along the shoreline with crowds of tourists fighting for their own small sandy patch of paradise, but island getaways don’t have to be a shared experience…In fact, … Read more

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Tiny but Mighty: My Newest Travel Companion

As a travel photographer and photojournalist, I can easily take thousands of photos on my travels. In my carryon bag, you will find numerous SD cards, my MacBook Pro for editing photos, a variety of DSLR and digital cameras, lenses and … Read more