Tips and Tricks to Avoid Jet Lag

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Jet Lag that Actually Work

How many precious moments have you wasted in a hotel room overcoming jet lag instead of seeking out adventure? Next time try these tricks that actually work! Traveling into a different time zone can interrupt your circadian rhythms which regulate … Read more

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99 Things to Do in Oslo, Norway

If you are looking for a vacation with a whole lot of variety and never a dull moment, Oslo, Norway is the place for you. Rich in culture and history, Oslo prides itself on its ancestry and strong traditions. No … Read more

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How to Spend the Perfect 48 Hours in Geneva, Switzerland

For those traveling through Europe, Geneva, Switzerland is a must-visit destination. Western Europe’s largest lake and highest mountain provide breathtaking views from anywhere in the city and it’s the perfect starting point for the Alps. Arguably the best shopping in … Read more

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12 Interesting Facts About Tea

Fall weather is slowly but surely starting to seep across the country and we’re even starting to feel a touch of it here in warmer states. It’s not so cold that leaves are falling from the trees like the east coast, … Read more

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24 Hours in Houston: Where to Eat, Sleep, and Explore

From its birth in the Battle of San Jacinto to its current expanding skyline, Houston has always been a larger than life city. Its historic downtown is filled with stunning architecture and old world vibes alongside new, exciting shops and restaurants. Houston … Read more

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Girlfriends, Getaways and Atlantis

As teenagers, girlfriend getaways are a bonding experience. A way to really get to know your friends’ personalities and create tent poles to build your relationship on. By the time you’re an adult with a job, significant other and children, … Read more