Perfecting Your Morning Routine

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A morning routine is a difficult thing to maintain. Sometimes, we want more sleep or we just don’t plan enough time in our mornings.

Let’s face it, life can be tiring and trying to be productive in the morning is difficult for many people out there.

Yet, a morning routine doesn’t have to consist of getting up at 6am to workout and cooking a big breakfast.

Instead, it can be something that you enjoy doing in the morning that helps your personal growth or success each day.

Everybody is different and what works with one person may not work with the other.

This post will go through some popular and helpful items you can add to your morning to create a routine that you love. Of course, feel free to pick and choose what you like! 

Drinking Coffee Or Tea 

One of the first things people love to do in the morning is sip on something warm.

morning routine coffee

In fact, coffee has many health benefits if you stick to a limited amount per day.

Like anything, over doing it can cause more harm than good.

Tea is an even better option if you’re not a coffee drinker, and there are some great caffeinated teas that will help you wake up for the day.

Having something to look forward to every morning is crucial to starting your day right. For many people, that means a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Consider this if you are looking for something to get you going! 

Light Yoga Or Stretching 

Not someone who can run a mile at 7am? Me either, but scientists say how important it is to move your body throughout the day.

The morning is an excellent time to do so in order to start your day off right. However, this doesn’t have to look like something grueling.

When you wake up your body may feel tighter and more stiff than the rest of the day.

morning stretch

Due to the fact that you are in the same position when you sleep for a long time or you end up in weird positions, yoga can be beneficial.

Light stretches or gentle movement is ideal for getting your body to wake up in a natural way. 

Eat Some Breakfast 

Whether you are someone who skips breakfast frequently or can’t live without it, breakfast is important for helping your energy levels throughout the day.

Adding breakfast into your morning routine can be a challenge because it takes time. Yet, you can always find something that is on-the-go.

granola cereal bowl

Otherwise, waking up 10-20 minutes earlier to make time for eating something yummy like hot cereal or an omelet.

You will thank yourself later for dedicating time to eat something wholesome.

Going too long without eating food will make your insulin levels drop and may prevent you from being as alert and ready for work or taking on the day!

Get Some Morning Sunlight 

Taking a walk in the morning or getting outside to sip your coffee in the sun may have more added benefits than you’d originally think.

According to science, exposure to morning sunlight can raise your body temperature and get your brain going.

girl going for a morning walk

Additionally, it can help your sleep cycle for when you are actually ready to go to bed.

Your body will produce melatonin more easily if you get sun exposure in the morning.

Not only that, but it will feel good to get fresh air and soak in the vitamin D. 

Meditate or Journal 

Going inwards is beneficial to a morning routine for many reasons.

When you wake up your brain is still flowing in a creative state while your subconscious brain was on all night.

Instead of receiving an input like most people do on their phones, journaling is a great way to output something creative or insightful.

example of journaling positivity

You can journal about your dreams, which will be easier to remember right when you wake up or something as simple as how you’re feeling in the moment.

Another option is to do a quick meditation. Especially if you have a stressful job, meditating will put you in a peaceful state of mind for the rest of your day.

You can get to a place where your thoughts are at a standstill and combat anxiety.