5 Changes to The Galaxy S5 That Users Will Love

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

I received my Samsung Galaxy S4 about a year ago and from that point on, I was a loyal Galaxy user. I shared it with friends, I bragged it up – I even converted both of my sisters. So you can imagine my excitement when I recieved the Samsung Galaxy S5. I was dying to check out the new features and after a few weeks, this is what I’ve learned.

Samsung took out the ‘fluff’. They (smartly) got rid of some features that I didn’t find myself using often and made the things I did use work even better. Of course, they also added some great new features.

5 Changes to The Galaxy S5 That Users Will Love 

Samsung Galaxy S5

Even better Multi-Tasking

One of the features I most heavily use on my Galaxy is Multi-Window. On the S4, this window allowed me to open two windows at once and work with both simultaneously. This is a really convenient feature for people who work from their phones.

On the S5, it gets better. First they increased the number of compatible apps, one of which is the S-Finder which allows you to use Google Voice and the Search feature. Secondly, they created the ability to “Create Window Groups.” For instance, I most often have my GMail and Drive Spreadsheets open together.

After creating a group window they get their own Icon on the Mutli-Window display that automatically opens them together. Like I said, it’s these little tweaks that made it even better to use.

S Health App

S Health is More Well Rounded

I really liked the S Health features on the S4 but didn’t find myself using them that often. But with the addition of the heart rate monitor and a few tweaks to the app itself – it’s become more more user friendly. I now use it on my daily walks to track time/distance, as a food log and even a pedometer for a well rounded experience.

My pedometer even reminds me when I haven’t been active!

I think if I had a Samsung Gear Fit, that would really take this entire system to a new level.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S4
Credit: ITProPortal

It’s Bigger and Better

If you compare the specs side by side, it’s easy to see that the S5 is just slightly larger.
Galaxy S5 5.59 x 2.85 x 0.32 inches  VS  Galaxy S4 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches!  It also has a .1 inch larger screen that is, as you can see, is noticeable. That combined with larger text and icons makes the screen feels even bigger. 

Samsung Galaxy S5

The S5 is also more rugged. In addition to the scratch resistant glass, the S5 is now dust and water resistant as well. On the inside, Samsung upgraded the processor and increased the battery life by 4 hours of talk time. Plus, they upgraded to a USB 3.0 Port which means faster charging and less time tethered to an outlet waiting for your phone to charge. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


A More User Friendly Camera

The Camera on the S5 comes with all of the same great shooting modes as the S4 including:

  • Best Photo
  • Best Face
  • Drama Shot
  • Eraser
  • Panning Shot

And a few that it doesnt including Sequence Shot and Surround Shot. Which can be found in the ‘downloads’ folder within the camera app.Samsung Galaxy S5 camera Additionally it added the ever helpful “Shot and More” mode. In this mode, a user can take a single prolonged picture and choose the mode to publish. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 Selective Focus

Samsung also brought with it a feature few other phones have: Selective Focus. Granted this feature can be achieved in Instagram BUT I don’t want every picture I take posted on Instagram and I don’t like the fact that Instagram resizes my photos. 

As for specs, the S5 is a step up in every way. It features a megapixel upgrade from 13mp to 16mp, a higher number of pixels, nearly 20% larger sensor  and even faster auto focus. It also boast a better camcorder and a slightly better front facing camera.  

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

The Extras

I’m all about the extras when I get any new gadget. I was happy to see the Fingerprint scanner on the S5. It requires a simple swipe of the finger over the central select button, allows for three different fingerprints and has a backup password. In addition to making my phone more secure, it can also be used to authorize payments with the mobile wallet. Speaking of security, you should also check out one of our favorite features, Kids Mode! A secure way to pass your phone off to your kids without worrying about in app purchases, unapproved content, gibberish text to family and random pictures of the ceiling. I also love Milk Music  – an audiophiles new go to streaming service.

Thank you to Samsung Mobile to providing the Samsung Galaxy S5 for review purposes. All opinions remain my own. 

30 thoughts on “5 Changes to The Galaxy S5 That Users Will Love”

  1. My youngest is a HUGE Samsung fan. He would be super hyped to see all these additions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have heard really good things about these phones. Even as a die hard iPhone user, I’ve seriously considered switching.

  3. I just got the S5 and I’m in love! I love the camera features. I’m still playing around with a lot them. The battery life is fantastic too.

  4. So jealous because I broke my phone right before it came out and had to settle for the s4. I love all those new features you make me want one.

  5. My contract will be up soon and I’ve had some problems with my iphone 5 so I will be looking at other phones this time. Thanks for the review and the helpful information!

  6. I have been wanting to get a galaxy problem is i would wreck it as i always drop my phones etc so it would be a waste of money lol.

  7. Its a good phone but the camera is very slow, focusing is slow also, you get blurry pictures especially in poor lit areas, but it takes good pictures in a bright areas. The iPhone 5s or 5c camera focus faster and shutter is also faster.

  8. Wow, this sounds like a great phone. My husband’s family keeps telling me how much they love their samsung galaxy phones. I have an iPhone but I’m seriously thinking about making the change, soon!

  9. Thanks for so much detailed information. It will make it so much easier to pick a phone when it’s time to upgrade!

  10. Friends who have a Galaxy phone seem to really love it. I’m pretty attached to my iPhone, but change is always good!

  11. Wow the Galaxy S5 looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Me and my husband have both been talking about getting rid of our iphones, I think I know which phone I want now! :-)

  12. My husband has this phone. I’m actually quite jealous of him and want to get rid of my iphone and get one of these!

  13. I’ve never used a Samsung phone but that looks impressive! I bet their users are going to be thrilled!

  14. Wow, I’m sold on everything except for the size. I love the clarity and features such as the Multi-Window.

  15. The Samsungs look like a great phone. However, I am in love with all of my apple products and how they connect!

  16. I wanted one of these when I first saw the commercial but you’ve made me want it more. I love how they do the folders on that phone!

  17. Terrible article. You can notice a .1″ difference in screen size. Um, no you can’t. Camera modes are available on both S4 and S5. USB charges faster? Nope. I tested it myself. Using a good 2.0 charger they charge at the same rate.

    • Todd, now thats just silly. Of course both S4 and S5 have camera modes, we never said they didn’t. The difference is they have added a few to S5 and also given the ability to download new ones. Also, it has been widely tested and proven that 3.0 is indeed about 3x faster than 2.0 in real life tests. I’ve experienced it myself and use 3.0 on all my devices to save myself tons of time. If you find you are getting the same charge speed its because you are not using the proper cables or chargers. Both the cable and the power adapter must be 3.0 compatible and used TOGETHER (ie you won’t get the speed plugging a 3.0 cable into an older 2.0 adapter or vice versa.


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