Bento Box Mouse

Bento Box Mouse + Chia Berry Smoothie Recipe

As parents, we face a variety of concerns regarding the welfare of our children. Are they watching too much TV? Are they doing well in school? Are their friends a good influence? Among our top concerns are their nutrition, which … Read more

TMNT ElevatorScene1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a cult classic that is loved by people who grew up in the 80s. There are also tons of fanboys who are really into the comic series that was created by Kevin Eastman. Just recently … Read more

Mrs Potato Head

Mrs. Potato Head’s Summer Travel Tips & Packing Essentials

Woohoo! School is out and summer has aaarrrriiivvveeeddd! Most families are kicking off the summer travel seasons this holiday weekend. To make sure you’re prepared, Mrs. Potato Head wants to share her expert travel and packing tips. MRS. POTATO HEAD’S TRAVEL AND PACKING … Read more

Get Ready for Some Turtle Power with Megan Fox!

I was in middle school when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first broke out on the scene in the late-80’s. My younger cousins were really into the animated TV show. I remember everyone had the action figures and young boys … Read more


LG Soars To New Highs With The Optimus F3

In a world where smartphones seem to be in an ever-continuing race for having the smallest screen and highest megapixels, one budget-friendly smartphone is quietly providing exactly what consumer’s want, without any of the marketing fuss: The Optimus F3. Created … Read more

rio 2 Bruno Mars Roberto

Bruno Mars in #Rio2? This Interview is for the Birds!

If you’re a fan of the first Rio, then you’re definitely going to love Rio 2! You’ve already seen us raving about the awesome music, lush scenery and colorful characters in this latest installment from director Carlos Saldanha. Being Brazilian, … Read more

2015 Kia Soul EV

2015 Kia Soul Electric Vehicle Global Debut

To pulsating music, a live band and more excited journalist than you could shake a stick at Kia Motors America (KMA) hosted the global unveiling of the 2015 Soul EV on the first day of the Chicago Auto Show.  The … Read more