Mount Rainier

Family Road Trip Ideas to 5 National Parks

Do you have any exciting trips planned for the near future? Is your family looking to get out of town and explore something new? If so, these 5 National Parks are perfect for a family road trip.  A family vacation … Read more

kids wakeboarding at orlando watersports complex

Best Non Theme Park Activities near Orlando

Let’s face it, while the whole do every theme park all day every day until you drop family vacation is something we all have done and loved, it’s not really something you can do every single time you visit Orlando. Sometimes … Read more

donkey sanctuary aruba

Aruba, wild donkeys and cuteness overload

Did you know that donkey’s have been around since even before the dynasty of the Egyptian civilization we learned about in secondary school? It’s true, the modern donkey dates back over 6,000 years! While they are found in the murals … Read more

Family 2

Forever Memories with Family Adventures

“Get outside!” My mother would shout, as my five siblings and I ran around the house in a cartoon cloud of dust and chaos. There were six of us kids constantly on the go during my childhood, and my love … Read more

disneyland 60th 1

A “Diamond” Anniversary for Disneyland’s 60th

I think it is safe to assume that anyone reading this post has already heard that the Disneyland Resort is celebrating it’s 60th Diamond Anniversary. And to celebrate, Disneyland has gone all out with dazzling entertainment, decor, food, and even … Read more


What’s YOUR Travel Personality?

Ask anyone if they like to travel, and you’ll almost certainly get one answer: yes! Ask the same people to describe their dream vacation, and you’ll hear a range of scenarios, from drinking umbrella-adorned cocktails by the beach at a … Read more

dreams las mareas kids club 4

Most Wanted Kids Club Amenities

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a variety of kids clubs facilities around the world during our family travels. Some are free, some require a fee, some are dismal dungeons and some are completely non-existent. While … Read more

Grand Prismatic Spring 2

10 Incredible Facts about Yellowstone National Park

The word vacation might conjure up images of tropical beaches or maybe far off countries without romantic languages, but consider the beautiful destinations right here in our own country. Our National Parks showcase the incredible landscapes while preserving them for generations to come. … Read more


5 Kid Friendly Water Activities in the Caribbean

Many times I hear that kids are too young for international travel, but it simply isn’t true. There are so many family friendly destinations and you would be surprised at just how many kid friendly activities there are – especially … Read more

House 4

HomeAway: The New Way to Family Vacation

Summer is upon us! For me, that means wedding season is in full bloom. This summer we happen to have a wedding in Northern Michigan in which my husband will be serving as a groomsman. We decided to take a … Read more