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6 Tips for Planning Your Dream Trip to Naples

Naples, Italy has always been a major tourist attraction. This is due in large part to the immense beauty and history of the many buildings and statues that populate the city. However, when taking a trip to a city such … Read more

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Exploring the Lost City of Pompeii

Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? Even just preparing for a potential threat is unnerving. The fear, the waiting, trying to anticipate the progress of an event completely out of your control. It makes us remember how small we … Read more

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12 Interesting Facts about Mauritius

Mauritius is a favorite destination among travelers, whether you’re looking for adventure, luxury and pampering, or cheap holidays on an exotic island. Known worldwide for its white beaches and pristine waters, the country is unique in so many ways! Here are … Read more

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7 Underwater Hotels Fit for a Mermaid

As a kid, one of my favorite dreams was gliding through the sea as a mermaid. My hair would trail behind me while my new fins would propel me forward racing against a school of fish, dolphins, and sea horses. … Read more


13 Students Help Build Hope for the Future

Have you ever had the chance to help someone truly in need of compassion and aide? Did you step outside your own comfort zone and travel to a foreign land to offer that help? We often hear about atrocious acts … Read more

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Explore the Wonder of Morocco

Every day our lives seem to revolve around an unmanageable list of tasks. The day ends and there still seems to be a list of things waiting no matter how hard we try. Then, when we get time off the … Read more

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The Tastes, Sights and Sounds of Tunisia

Only a short flight away from Europe but with a distinctly different culture, the North African country of Tunisia is a low-cost holiday destination with a difference. As renowned for its beaches as it is for its wealth of historic … Read more

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Frozen Filmmakers Visit Canada’s Ice Hotel

Celebrating the full-circle completion of Disney’s Frozen with the DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack release, the filmmakers were treated to a stay at the Hotel del Glace in Quebec City, Canada to see how their work influenced this year’s design. … Read more

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Destination Wedding Guide: Grand Lucayan, Bahamas

The Commonwealth of Bahamas (or the Bahamas) consists of  29 islands just 55 miles off the Florida coast. It’s year round daily average temperature of 70-80 degrees, white sandy beaches on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and easy accessibility are … Read more

Snuba Diving

What is Snuba Diving?

When my husband and I were planning our trip to the Dominican Republic, we both KNEW we had to go snorkeling. If were were caught in a monsoon, if the food was horrible, if we did nothing else but get the … Read more

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5 Family Friendly Activities In Brisbane, Australia

You’ve made it to Brisbane, or maybe you’re visiting Australia for the first time too! What to do? In a city rich in arts, entertainment, parks and recreation the possibilities are endless. But first where to stay? Try Accor’s Sofitel … Read more