Photography: Using Props to Create Fun and Unique Wedding Photos

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To start, I’m actually having my bridesmaids carry parasols instead of bouquets. Not only will this save me a ton of money, but it’s perfect and multifunctional for a beach wedding. They will also be able to take them home! I plan on leaving theirs plain white, and doing something like this for mine.

wedding photo props ideas

The Mardi Gras Outlet has a detailed step by step on how to make this DIY Wedding Parasol yourself, including a printable template! Easy!

*NOTE* If you’re looking for Chinese parasols for your wedding, I have done a TON of research. I decided the best route to go is nylon and the best price I have found is at (as low as $4 each). Plus get 10% OFF any purchase with coupon code PAPER10 through 10/31/2013 plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99. My shipment arrived fast and I’m very happy with the quality.

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  1. Courtenay – I love them all! She did a wonderful job crunpaitg all of their sweet personalities! I definitely want some for my new place! They are such amazing kids so lucky to be there aunt!


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