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Despite all of the souvenirs from your wedding (the dress, his cuff links, your garter) one of the most looked at and memorable of keepsakes are your photographs. Incorporate more than just people into your wedding photos to make them truly memorable. Adding props to your wedding photography lets your personality shine and add a unique style to your photos. Choose props that relate to your personality, how you met, likes, dislikes and hobbies – anything with history or value to you! Props aren’t just for telling stories, sometimes they can just simply create stunning pictures.

A few ideas:

  • chalkboards
  • masks
  • antique furniture
  • mirrors
  • fans
  • parasols
  • sparklers
  • paper signs
  • balloons
  • mustaches
  • funny glasses
  • hats
  • your pets
  • sports interests (golf clubs, fishing poles, riding boots)
  • bubbles
  • picture frames

Check out this series of pictures to see how couples used a variety of props to enhance their wedding photos.

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  1. I love that the pics look professional and it means so much more when personalized. This would be such a money saver for new young couples just starting out. Great ideas and looks fun too!

  2. I had to pin this they are all so cute love to share them with people looking for great wedding ideas!

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