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How Can I Be Happy Traveling Alone?

There’s something about being a solo traveler that just hits you in the best possible way, allowing you to make the most of wherever your whims may take you. You can see the sights across the globe, at your own … Read more

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Jobs For People That Love To Travel

Most people would like to do more traveling but can’t due to their home life or chosen career paths. The standard requirements demand your presence, time, and effort in a manner that limits your opportunity to get away. So, people … Read more

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

We all know and love a person who relishes all the adventures travel provides. And we think this holiday season is the best time to enhance traveling experiences for that special someone in your life.  What better way to say … Read more

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Five Tips for Funding Your Travels

Are you planning on traveling? Are you dreaming of going on an incredible trip? Most people would love to travel more and explore the world, but saving up for your vacation can seem like a daunting task. As we all … Read more

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16 Funky and Unique Travel Gifts

For those that have an adventurous soul, you have to think outside the box when it comes to buying gifts for travelers. Check out these unique finds – the perfect travel gifts for your loved ones that live to explore … Read more

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14 Must Know Travel Photography Tips

If there is one thing all travelers can agree on, it’s that we all seek authenticity. We want to experience authentic cultures, experience authentic moments and share authentic travel stories. Some might say that their travel photography offers the most … Read more

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Staying Healthy While Traveling 

Staying in shape and healthy is essential for everyone all of the time, but even more so while traveling. Whether you’re spending long hours in the car on a road trip or on a plane with tons of people who … Read more

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Toiletry Bag Essentials for International Travelers

As an international traveler, you can’t take anything for granted. In faraway places, you’re often unable to speak the local language, are unfamiliar with the landscape around you, and may find yourself in the middle of a time crunch. In … Read more

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7 Must-Have Bags for Winter Travel

Are you planning on making that long-awaited winter trip but cannot seem to decide which bag to use? Whether you’re going back home or escaping to a tropical paradise, I have seven functional options worth considering.  Shacke Travel Duffel Express … Read more

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YES! You Can Afford To Travel

Picture yourself sitting totally at peace and chill sitting on a warm beach far far away from all your troubles, sipping a drink while you watch the crystal clear water lap against the shore. Or maybe when you think of … Read more

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Springtime Travel Tips for San Francisco

Though it may seem neverending, winter always comes to an end each year – even in the frost-tipped northeast or the upper reaches of the Dakotas. Before you know it, spring will come along, and with it the desire to … Read more