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7 Must-Have Bags for Winter Travel

Are you planning on making that long-awaited winter trip but cannot seem to decide which bag to use? Whether you’re going back home or escaping to a tropical paradise, I have seven functional options worth considering.  Shacke Travel Duffel Express … Read more

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YES! You Can Afford To Travel

Picture yourself sitting totally at peace and chill sitting on a warm beach far far away from all your troubles, sipping a drink while you watch the crystal clear water lap against the shore. Or maybe when you think of … Read more

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Springtime Travel Tips for San Francisco

Though it may seem neverending, winter always comes to an end each year – even in the frost-tipped northeast or the upper reaches of the Dakotas. Before you know it, spring will come along, and with it the desire to … Read more

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Tips for Saving More Money for Traveling

Traveling is not only a lot of fun, but there are many benefits to getting out and seeing what the world has to offer. It can help to connect with different cultures, learn more about different areas of the world, … Read more

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Packing Tips for Your Holiday Travels

Are you planning to travel long-distance this upcoming holiday season? If so, you’ve probably already started giving some thoughts to what you need to take with you. Though there are some common things you know to bring with you, when … Read more

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7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safer When Traveling

Finding ways to protect your home when traveling is important for keeping your valuables and property safe. To ensure you return from your vacation or travels to everything in order, follow some of the tips below to keep your home … Read more

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The Basics of Buying Travel Insurance

In April, we wrote about the different forms of insurance that are available. It attracted the attention of a lot of readers, so we decided to look at one of those products in more detail – travel insurance. Even in … Read more

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Must Read Advice for New Travelers

Traveling for the first time filled me with a crazy mingling of emotions that left my stomach in knots. A bit of nervousness, mixed with defiant fearlessness and excitement for the adventure that awaited. There is something about pushing the … Read more

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How to Check for Bed Bugs When You Travel

This post has been sponsored by Orkin Pest Control, but all opinions remain my own. Let’s face it. I travel A LOT. It isn’t unusual for me to sleep in 10 different hotel rooms a month. Some are super fancy and … Read more