Disney Dominates 2012 Oscar Nominations with Lincoln

Retro is Cool in Wreck-It Ralph

“Old school”, “retro” and “vintage” are words that seem to be trending frequently these days. Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is about an old arcade game, like the ones I grew up playing in the 80s. Watching the film was a bit … Read more

Pitch Perfect: Get Pitch Slapped with Laughter

Pitch Perfect: Get Pitch Slapped with Laughter

When I asked a friend if she wanted to join me to see an advanced screening of Pitch Perfect, she responded, “never heard of it.” So, I pulled the friend card and argued, what difference does that make, she still wasn’t … Read more

will o wisp

The Legend Behind the Will O the Wisp in Brave

Will O the Wisp are commonly found in English folklore and are thought to be lighted fairies that lead nighttime wanderers astray. We get the director of Brave’s wisp definition and thoughts on these magical beings in an exclusive interview. One … Read more