Disney Dominates 2012 Oscar Nominations with Lincoln

Retro is Cool in Wreck-It Ralph

“Old school”, “retro” and “vintage” are words that seem to be trending frequently these days. Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is about an old arcade game, like the ones I grew up playing in the 80s. Watching the film was a bit … Read more

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75 Things to Remember When Life Gets Tough

For some reason the past few weeks have been filled with heartache for several of my friends. All unrelated, but each one no more or less difficult for those involved. Inspirational Quotes While offering a patient and un-judging ear, I … Read more

Fun and Fabulous Toddler Activities

Fun and Educational Toddler Activities

Summer is winding down and the big kids are returning to school. Some of you are relieved the kids will return to a routine and the house will be quieter. My house, however, will still be full of chaos as … Read more

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Grapevine, Texas: A Small Vintage Town that’s Big on Charm!

Destination #Grapevine #Texas: A Small Vintage Town that’s Big on Charm! What to see, do and eat https://www.surfandsunshine.com/things-to-do-in-grapevine-texas/ #travel Grapevine, TX is located between Dallas and Ft. Worth and is a small, vintage town that’s BIG on charm and activities. … Read more