Pirate Theme Party Ideas and Cake Recipes

Ahoy there!  Talk Like a Pirate Day is just around the corner this Monday, September 19.  Funny, I never knew there was an official day for this – I’m sure the popular phrase of the day will be all about the “booty” :)

What better way to honor this fun holiday with your kids by doing it “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” style!

Here are some great ideas from Disney FamilyFun magazine on how to create your very own Talk Like a Pirate Day party at home!

Home-Made Pirate Costume

  • old black pants
  • gold or white blouse
  • red scarf
  • gold costume jewelry
  • bandana
  • eye patch
  • pirate’s hook
  • black face paint
  1. Find a pair of old black pants and fringe the edges with scissors.
  2. Tuck in a big gold or white blouse.
  3. Tie a red scarf around the pirate’s waist and a bandanna around his/her head.
  4. Clip on some gold costume jewelry, then add an eye patch and a pirate’s hook (all inexpensive party store finds).
  5. Dab on black face paint for a beard and missing-tooth makeup.
  6. If you’ve got a stuffed bird in your toy box, use craft wire to attach it to your pirate’s shirtsleeve.
  7. Now your little pirate is ready to collect his Halloween booty!

Want to see the above instructions in a video?  This instructional video walks you through the process step-by-step.

Make Fun Ship Shaped Snacks for Your Guests!

shipshape snack recipe photo 260 FF0804ALMBA03I just LOVE these boats and your kids and friends will too!  It’s even healthy – shhh don’t tell!

  • Red bell pepper
  • Tuna or egg salad
  • Thin pretzel stick
  • Cheese slice
  • Cream cheese (dab)
  • Red pepper flag
  1. Cut a red pepper in half lengthwise (or into quarters for lighter fare) and remove the seeds.
  2. Fill each pepper boat with lunchtime cargo, such as tuna or egg salad.
  3. Sink a thin pretzel stick mast into the center of the boat, then add two triangular pieces of cheese for sails.
  4. Use a dab of cream cheese to fix a small red pepper flag to the top of the mast.
  5. Set sail for the kids to enjoy!

Captain’s Calling!” Game

What You Need
  • Nothing
  • 3 or more players
  1. Setup: Creating a list of seafaring commands might help the first captain, but it isn’t necessary. Some examples: Pull up the lifeboats, Take down the sails, Walk the plank, Mop the decks, Scan the horizon, Cast a fishing rod, Dance a jig.
  2. First choose a captain. Each round begins with the players standing at attention, giving crisp salutes. When the captain calls out “At ease,” the players can drop their hands to their sides.
  3. The captain begins to call out sailing-themed commands, and the players pretend to do them — but only if the captain has first called out “Attention!” and they have saluted.
  4. If a player follows a command when he was supposed to be at ease, it’s man overboard for him!
  5. The last crew member left standing wins and becomes the new captain.

Make a Parrot for Your Pirate!

parrot for a pirate craft photo 420 FF0604READBA09Materials
  • Parrot template (see Step 1)
  • Paper
  • Card stock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Tacky glue
  • Colored feathers
  • Googly eyes
  • Tape
  1. Download the parrot template.
  2. Glue the template onto card stock and cut it out.
  3. Decorate the parrot with markers and use tacky glue to adorn it with colored feathers and a googly eye.
  4. Finally, fold the paper tab along the creases and tape the bird to your pirate’s shoulder.

Want visual instructions?  Check out the video here!

Pirate Themed Cakes

If you’re a little crafty at baking, then you definitely want to try these adorable cakes out!  They will be sure to be talked about for a long time afterwards :)

pirate ship cake

Pirate Ship Cake

  • 2 baked 9″ or 10″ round cakes
  • 3 to 4 cups chocolate icing
  • Chocolate wafer sticks (such as Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Cookies)
  • Milk chocolate wafer rolls (Waffeletten cookies)
  • Several pieces of white or off-white paper
  • 3 10″ wooden skewers
  • Malted milk balls
  • Rolo candies
  • Root beer barrels
  • Plastic pirate figures (we used Playmobil), washed thoroughly
  1. Step 1 Cut the cakes in half and layer them, rounded sides all facing the same direction, adding a thin coat of chocolate icing between the layers.
  2. Step 2 Trim the bottom curves of the cakes slightly to help them sit flat, then turn the cakes upright, as shown. (Tip: If necessary, wrap the cakes in plastic and chill in the freezer to make them firmer. Also, two drinking straws stuck through the four layers of cake will help keep them together.)
  3. Cover with the chocolate icing, then create planking lines along the hull with a butter knife.
  4. Chill at least one hour to firm the icing.
  5. Use dabs of icing to anchor wafer stick gunwales along the edge of the deck.
  6. Press the wafer rolls into both sides of the ship for cannons.
  7. Cut sails from the paper, then slip them onto the skewers and set the masts in place.
  8. Add malted milk ball cannonballs, plenty of Rolo gold booty, and root beer barrels, then station a few pirates to keep watch.
  9. For safety, place the candles in the cookie cannons, far from the paper sails. Also, make sure that the surface on which the cake rests is impervious to wax, as the burning candles will drip.

Pirate Hat Cake

pirate hat spring recipe photo 260 FF0408CAKEA11Ingredients
  • 2 (8-inch) round chocolate cakes
  • 2 (16-ounce) cans chocolate fudge frosting
  • White decorators’ frosting
  1. Pirate Hat Cake - Step 1 Use a long serrated knife to trim the tops of the cakes to flatten them, if needed.
  2. Spread a thin layer of chocolate frosting over the trimmed side of one cake, then lay the other cake on top, trimmed side down.
  3. Pirate Hat Cake - Step 2 Cut one side from the stack, as shown. Cut this piece in half and assemble the hat.
  4. Spoon 1/4 cup of the chocolate frosting into a resealable sandwich bag, set it aside, and use the rest of the frosting to cover the cake.
  5. With white decorators’ frosting, add a skull and crossbones, and hat trim.
  6. Snip a corner from the bag of chocolate frosting and pipe on the skull features.
  7. Serves 12.

Treasure Chest Cake

treasure chest cake recipe photo 420 0497 FF0403CAKEA19Ingredients
  • 1 baked 13- x 9- x 2-inch cake
  • 6 cups chocolate frosting
  • Edible treasures, such as chocolate coins, Rolo candies, chocolate almond kisses or Necco Wafers
  • Red Fruit by the Foot
  • Mini jawbreakers
  • Candy jewels, such as candy necklaces and rock candy
  1. Treasure Chest Cake Step 1Cut a section approximately 2-inches wide in the center of the cake.
  2. The two remaining 5 1/2- x 9- x 2-inch rectangular pieces will form the bottom and top of the chest.
  3. Slice the 2-inch section on an angle to form two long triangular wedges.
  4. Place the wedges on the bottom half of the chest, about an inch apart. Both wedges should face the same direction (tall end toward the front of the cake) as they will support the top of the treasure chest and keep it propped open.
  5. Then frost the bottom half of cake, including the wedges.
  6. To add further support for the top of the chest, stand a few large gold coins under the lid.
  7. With the “hinged” end (left side of photo) at the back, place the top of the chest on the bottom and frost.
  8. Wrap the fruit leather straps around the chest and press mini jawbreaker “nails” into the frosting alongside the straps.
  9. Fill the chest and the surrounding area with edible treasures and jewels.

Need help? Check out the instructional video here!

Disney Junior would love to see photos of how you and your family celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day “Jake”-style! Post your pirate-themed photos to their Facebook page or Twitter account.

Have fun Mateys!

A big thank you to Disney and FamilyFun Magazine for sharing these great crafts!

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  1. I just love the ship! I know I missed pirate day but think I may have to make these for the day care kids. They won’t care that it’s not pirate day.

  2. I made that cake in the picture for my son’s pirate bday bash and it was a HUGE hit! My only tip is make a “practice” cake first that way it makes it easier if you mess up, you can learn from your mistakes before the big day.

  3. OMG my husband and I just decided on a pirate theme for our son’s first birthday! It’s not for 4 more months.. but these ideas are great! :)


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