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The Basics of Buying Travel Insurance

In April, we wrote about the different forms of insurance that are available. It attracted the attention of a lot of readers, so we decided to look at one of those products in more detail – travel insurance. Even in … Read more

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Must Read Advice for New Travelers

Traveling for the first time filled me with a crazy mingling of emotions that left my stomach in knots. A bit of nervousness, mixed with defiant fearlessness and excitement for the adventure that awaited. There is something about pushing the … Read more

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How to Check for Bed Bugs When You Travel

This post has been sponsored by Orkin Pest Control, but all opinions remain my own. Let’s face it. I travel A LOT. It isn’t unusual for me to sleep in 10 different hotel rooms a month. Some are super fancy and … Read more

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Best Options for Keto Travel Snacks

By now, I am sure you have heard about the Keto diet. If you are anything like me, you went full force in the diet and fell off the wagon the moment it became inconvenient. Because I travel so much, … Read more

Best Backpacks for Travelers

15 of the Best Backpacks for Travelers

Whether you’re looking for style, security, storage, or technology – one of these bags is going to be perfect for your travel adventures. I actually have a variety of backpacks for travel, and will choose the best carry on backpack … Read more

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Smart Packing Tips for Traveling Light

One of my least favorite parts of traveling is waiting on luggage. Being able to change plans last minute and go with the flow is crucial to happy travels, which means packing light for carry-on only. I’ve found the key … Read more

Shop My Instagram JeanaTravels

All Shopable Instagram Photos 🛒 🛍 Click for 👀 Click for ShopStyle Uh oh. I got caught ditching work online and hiding out in the spa at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis instead. I mean, can you blame … Read more