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8 Items Tech Lovers Should Add to Their Wedding Registry at Best Buy

Wedding season is just around the corner and invitations should be arriving in the mail within the next month. Creating a wedding registry is one of the final items to check off a couples to-do list. This is such an exciting time as a couple virtually fills their future home …

Target Wedding Registry

Creating a Wedding Registry That Tells A Story

Of all the gifts we received at our wedding shower and wedding celebration, there are two that stand out among all the others. What I loved about these gifts is that they told a story. Growing up, my husband’s house was the neighborhood hub. It’s where all of his friends …

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9 Destination Wedding DIY Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

From the classic ring bearer to pillow to some “out of the box” ideas, we’ve compiled the unique 9 DIY Destination Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows. I love some of these unexpected ways for a ring bearer to carry the wedding bands – for instance, inside a coconut or a seashell. …

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10 Unique Groomsman Gift Ideas

As a bride, I found that Groomsman Gifts to be one of the most challenging items to choose for our wedding party. Sure there are a lot of choices out there but really, how many engraved money clips or cufflinks does one guy really need? I would be more inclined …


How to Throw a Farm-to-Table Wedding Reception

Eating is an essential part of staying alive and staying happy, and at weddings, it’s one of the testaments of love, gratitude, and affection you can shower on your guests as a thank you for sharing your special day with you. While food trends at weddings certainly run the gamut …

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Inspiration for Romantic Rustic Wedding Flowers

If you’ve ever checked out Pinterest, you may notice that a large portion of pins are dedicated to either weddings or recipes. And why not? Pinterest is a visual way to organize thoughts, ideas, inspiration or to-do lists and planning a wedding definitely falls into several of those categories! A …

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5 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Jamaica

A warm salty breeze gently washes over your shoulders as you look your loved one in the eyes, toes wiggling nervously in the sand. You can almost smell the sunshine, as you hold hands and smile at one another as if sharing a secret. The turquoise blue ocean kisses the …

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5 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Dresses

From the ceremony décor to the invitations and even the napkins, brides-to-be have lots of opportunities to infuse their own unique style into their big day but perhaps the most crucial is the wedding gown and veil. It used to be that beach wedding dresses ran towards the light and flowy …

Infinity Diamond & Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring, Palladium 0.21ct – $838

Beautiful Budget Friendly Engagement Rings Under $1000

Guest Post by Kira Manning Outdated traditions claim that a man should spend anywhere between one and three months’ salary on a rock to woo the girl of his dreams. But in this day and age, spending that kind of money can be rather unwise when you consider the budget …

Wedding Cake Card
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hAppy Wedding Wednesday: DIY Wedding Cake Card

I first saw this adorable birthday cake card on the ZINK hAppy blog as a great idea for Mom. I decided to put my own spin on it for my sister’s bridal shower and turn it into a wedding cake card. This card is pretty easy to put together but …