10 Ideas for Really Fun Bridesmaid Photos

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Here are some really fun ideas for bridesmaid photos so you can capture and show off just how much your besties mean to you.

Your girlfriends have been by your side when you’re at your best and your worst and are the same ones by your side on your wedding day. They’ve seen you laugh, watched you soar, caught you when you stumbled, and dried your tears.

On your wedding day you’ll want to have lots of photos of your bridesmaids by your side, helping you get ready, goofing around, and their newest dance moves!

10 Ideas for Really Fun Bridesmaid Photos

Why You Should Make a Checklist of Fun Bridesmaid Picture Ideas

Wedding photography needs to include so many aspects in order to fully capture the big day – the location, the wedding dress, the flower girl, the wedding ceremony, the wedding cake, the reception. the after party and so much more. The list is practically endless.

Capturing the brides and bridesmaids just right is often some of the most difficult, yet fun parts of taking wedding pictures. Since you only have one shot at getting this precious bridesmaid photos, do yourself a favor and make saving your favorite wedding photo ideas part of your wedding planning.

I created a Pinterest board with all the shots I wanted to mimic so my wedding photographers were able to make a checklist for the day. They said it was so helpful and it also gave them ideas for other fun bridesmaid pictures to take as well.

Whatever you do, don’t count on remembering what you want shot yourself on your wedding day. I promise you, you will be in such a whirlwind there is no way you will be able to remember!

Here are some ideas to get you started. And don’t forget to read up on the 10 Things You Should Avoid A Week Before the I Dos.

Our Favorite Fun Bridesmaid Photos

I’m in love with the photo below, you can tell that’s a fun group of girlfriends. Actually all of the ladies in the photos I found look like they’re having fun!

Then there’s this great pose from the hilarious movie, The Bridesmaids. I had told our wedding photographers that I wanted to mimic this photo with my bridesmaids.

As a wonderful surprise, they had the Groom and his groomsmen do it too. I love it so much and I have to admit, I think they did it better than we did!

bridesmaids movie photo copycat

As ladies we love our shoes, or in this case, the boots, and of course you have to get a photo showing all the different styles!

Aren’t their mismatched bridesmaid dresses cute too? The mismatched look is very trendy right now for both groomsmen and bridesmaids, especially for rustic weddings.

We’re a big fan of the look and bridesmaids often appreciate having some leeway in getting a dress that suits their preferences, but it’s also more likely to be something they can also actually wear again. Yes, really.

Candid photos are my favorite, I think they show more personality than posed photos.

I had a late fall wedding in the Dominican Republic, but you’d think it was a summer wedding from our photos!

I asked my bridesmaids to participate in my beach Trash the Dress photo shoot, and I’m so glad they were willing to wake up early the day after the wedding to do this with me.

beach  trash the dress bride and bridesmaids holding groom fun photo idea

This is just one of the fun bridesmaid pictures we took that morning.

They look like they’re having the time of their lives in this photo. Plus, the bridesmaid bouquets against the backdrop of the busy city helps make this photo more spontaneous, rather than something that is super staged.

Hey girls, check out my bling, I think he went to….

bride jumps with bridesmaids
My own wedding (credit Kristina Robinson)

The classic jump shot is often times the most elusive to get just right. Here’s a tip if this is one of your must have fun bridesmade photos – tell everyone that when they jump to kick their butts with the heels of their feet.

This not only gets everyone jumping in the same way, but also gives the illusion of height!

Credit: Unique Images

I loved this mustache look so much that I took it a step further at my wedding by placing a mustache in a goodie bag one each seat for ceremony.

I then asked my guests to put them on just before we said our vows so that they would look so ridiculous to me, that I didn’t have a chance to be nervous or cry. It worked!

fun bridesmaid pictures
Credit: KT Photography

I adore the photos of all my guests, including the bridal party, leaving our beach wedding through a cloud of bubbles wearing ridiculous mustaches and holding parasols.

fun bridesmaid photos

Um…did someone just take a photo of us getting ready? Hurry, grab that camera!

10 Fun Bridesmaid Photos
Credit: True Photography

My favorite bridesmaid photos are the more casual and candid shots, where everyone is being goofy, versus the more formal posed shots.

What do you prefer candid or posed?

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