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The Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer

In so many ways, joining the military has been a wonderful blessing for our family. Its an experience I wouldn’t change for the world – it’s a job my husband loves, and a lifestyle that comes naturally to us. That … Read more

relaxing in front of tv

3 Ways to Make Your Day of Rest More Restful

My husband and I have noticed lately that much needed lazy Sundays are few and far between these days. Between work, a child, sports, and daily life, it seems like more often our “lazy day of the week” turns into … Read more

Magnolia March AudioFest 2

Best Buy Magnolia: Our March Audio Fest Wish List

I never considered myself much of an audiophile. A technophile? Absolutely. I adore new tech. Love pulling it out of the box and peeling off those clear stickers marking its freshness. So naturally audio equipment fell into that realm, but only … Read more

diy in wall cable management system

How to Easily Hide Those Ugly TV Cable Wires

Now you can finally hide those ugly TV cable wires with this no-fuss DIY in wall cable management system that installs in less than an hour. If your husband is anything like mine, there is nothing he likes better than … Read more