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Brilliant iPhone Photography Tips from a Pro

Want to take your cell phone photography to the next level? Check out these useful iPhone photography tips, camera apps and editing software from a pro. Learn how to salvage pictures taken in poor conditions and make good pictures even … Read more

creative ways to use a tile bluetooth tracker

Creative Ways to Use a Tile Bluetooth Tracker

If you haven’t heard of Tile yet, it’s a tiny water resistant bluetooth tracker that helps find your lost stuff in seconds. Attach, stick, or place Tiles inside everyday items and keep track of them in an easy-to-use app. The … Read more

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Why NOW is the Time Get an Unlocked Smartphone

For years various technology outlets have been saying that the future of the unlocked smartphone is here and they were wrong. Not by far, but the truth is that while unlocked smartphones had arrived on the market they still faced … Read more

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WiFi Home Network Setup: 4 Most Common Mistakes

Like electricity, water and heat, WiFi has become the 4th utility in homes across the United States. This prevalence is evident simply by attempting to log onto your WiFi network and sorting thru your neighbor’s networks. We use these networks … Read more

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90s Songs We Can’t Stop Singing

Ahh the 90s – with its berry lips, choker chains, and crop tops. It was a decade for questionable trends that seem to be making a big come back. Along with its inescapable fashion trends, the 90s was also an era … Read more

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Must Have Travel Friendly Beauty Products

We spend our days dreaming about jetting off to the seaside on the South of France, the beaches of Thailand, or the hillside of Ireland. What we don’t daydream about are the hassles of packing along our beauty routine. I … Read more

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Tiny but Mighty: My Newest Travel Companion

As a travel photographer and photojournalist, I can easily take thousands of photos on my travels. In my carryon bag, you will find numerous SD cards, my MacBook Pro for editing photos, a variety of DSLR and digital cameras, lenses and … Read more