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20 Thoughts Every Mom Has Had

 20 Thoughts Every Mom Has Had  Did I just sound like my mother? Oh my gosh, I sound like my mother.  Word to the wise, don’t tell her about this. You’ll just get an “I told you so.” No one … Read more

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Best Places to Stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Amidst the red and brown desert of New Mexico, we find sanctuary at these Santa Fe hotels – immersed in lush green serenity at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort and then surrounded by art, culture, and history at La Fonda on … Read more

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Brilliant iPhone Photography Tips from a Pro

Want to take your cell phone photography to the next level? Check out these useful iPhone photography tips, camera apps and editing software from a pro. Learn how to salvage pictures taken in poor conditions and make good pictures even … Read more

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Potty Training…The Struggle Is Real

“My two-year-old son, newly potty trained, told me he needed a wee in the park. I stood him by a tree and he promptly pooed all over my shoes. Needless to say, we went straight home.” – Metro That is … Read more