diy wedding ceremony seating sign

How to Make a DIY Wedding Ceremony Seating Sign

I’ve never been the traditional type. So when it comes to planning my wedding, I tend to lean towards choices that are more modern or unique. One of the traditions I knew I definitely didn’t want to participate in was … Read more

Tips For Camping With Kids

5 Helpful Tips For Camping With Kids

My “first” car was a complete clunker. I think it lasted all of 6 months before it died. I couldn’t have been more relieved. Especially when it was replaced with a brand new 2006 Kia Optima. For the last 7 … Read more

Beach Wedding Favors

10 Fun and Functional Beach Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors are traditionally small tokens of gratitude and rememberance for your guest. A way to thank them for being a part of your special day. What I love about these 10 Beach Wedding Favors is that they’re both fun … Read more

Unique Wedding Party Gifts

10 Unique Wedding Party Gifts

Aside from the Bride and Groom, the bridal party are some of the most important people at the party. They’re the ones who you couldn’t imagine celebrating your big day without. My bridal party consist of friends old and new … Read more

Does the Dalai Lama Surf?

Does the Dalai Lama Surf?

Its amazing how someone so wise and inspirational is also hilarious! Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama has so many amazing quotes and many of them are also funny. “If you think you are too small to make a difference, … Read more

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5 of the Best Beaches in Florida

Known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida is America’s playground. There are many fantastic attractions in Central Florida that draw huge crowds, but it’s the beautiful beaches that are the state’s star attractions. With over 1200 miles of coastline, the beaches … Read more

Mophie powerstation

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Review

Our family has 3 iPads, an iPad Mini, an iPhone, 2 iPod Nanos and a Macbook Pro. Forget the Adams family, we’re the Apple family! Our son has been able to operate an iPad since he was 18 months old … Read more