Do you remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? As a kid, I loved watching reruns of the squirrel and moose, and then the feature film Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. It’s been over a decade since Jay Ward’s infamous characters hit the big screen, but generation Z is about to get their first taste with Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s are known for their WABAC machine and traveling through time to meet historical figures during Rocky and Bullwinkle’s television series. On March 7th, the talking dog and 7 year old will hit the big screen in 3D, and I got the scoop on how Mr. Peabody and Sherman were brought back for computer generated animation.


If you haven’t met them yet, Mr. Peabody is the world’s smartest being (who happens to be a dog) and Sherman is a spritely boy who was adopted and raised by the dog (though in the original series, Sherman was Mr. Peabody’s owner). With the invention of the WABAC time machine, Mr. Peabody introduces Sherman first hand to major moments in world history. In the feature film, Sherman’s bully Penny convinces him to take the WABAC for a spin, and together they have to work their way through time to avoid wrecking the space time continuum.

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The fan following behind the dynamic duo is strong, and for director Rob Minkoff, it was important to bring Mr. Peabody and Sherman to the screen in all of their deserved glory. “I think the first conversation was about making it as a live action film.  And then it wasn’t very long after that that it started to occur to me that maybe it would be better if it was an animation, that it would make more sense,” said Minkoff about development. The idea was originally brought to the table in 2002 after Minkoff finished production on Stuart Little


Minkoff and the team at Pacific Data Images (the DreamWorks subset who manufactures CGI) worked to bring the design and feel of the 2D cartoon to life in a fully animated 3D world. Keeping the fun shapes from the 1950s cartoon meant that animators got to play with proportions to bring a fantastic set of characters to life, including stocky KingAgamemnon and curvy Marie Antoinette. After literally being years in the making, Mr. Peabody & Sherman is ready for theatrical release.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman
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I was provided with a trip to the DreamWorks Animation campus in conjunction with 20th Century Fox. All opinions are 100% mine.

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