10 Cute Halloween Cookies

10 of the Best Halloween Cookies Ever!

Only a few weeks until Halloween, and its time to start planning what you’re going to serve or bring to those Halloween parties. When you take cute Halloween cookies, do you buy them from a store or bakery or make … Read more

halloween deviled eyes recipe

Garlicky Black Bean Spaghetti Spoons with Deviled Eyes

If you’re looking for the perfect frightfully delicious appetizer dish for your Halloween party or dinner, look no further than this black bean spaghetti Halloween recipe. We love that it uses Explore Cuisine’s Black Bean Spaghetti which is vegan, gluten-free, … Read more

Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes

10 Fabulous Halloween Cake and Cupcake Recipes

Unique and Fun Halloween Cupcake Recipes…and Cakes too! When you make or buy a Halloween cake or cupcakes, do you go with something scary, funny or over the top? There are some amazing Halloween inspired cakes and cupcakes, some are … Read more

hot dog octopus recipe

Halloween Tempura Hot Dog Octopus Bites Recipe

Adorably creepy, these Halloween Tempura Hot Dog Octopus Bites will fly–or swim–off the party table, with or without a plunge in the Asian-style sauce. Halloween is such a fun time of year for food. I always love seeing how creative … Read more

halloween monster cookie recipe

The Best Monster Cookie Recipe

A fun Halloween monster cookie recipe that’s both delicious and fun, topped with candy eyeballs that make them look like they are looking at you. Cute, yet creepy. If you’re still looking for the perfect Halloween treat for your Halloween … Read more

pumpkin jack-o-lantern halloween treats

Halloween Pumpkin Orange Gummy Recipe

Made from orange juice, this 3 ingredient gummy recipe for orange pumpkin treats are perfect for Halloween parties or just as a fun, healthier alternative to candy.  Oh No! Halloween is in just weeks and you still haven’t had a … Read more


9 Delightful 4th of July Dessert Recipes

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How to Make Jello Shots + 17 Jello Shots Ideas

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Savory spinach danish 7

Savory Bacon and Spinach Danish Recipe

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mini smores pie recipe

5 Minute Mini S’Mores Pies Recipe

This seriously could not be easier. You can make this mini smore pie recipe in about 5 minutes. Even the kids can help and there is virtually no mess to clean up! A few summers ago we took our first … Read more

Easter Treat Recipes

10 Fun Easter Treat Recipes and Ideas

I couldn’t be more ready for spring! Winters are mild down here in Florida compared to what we dealt with while living in Michigan. Even still, when you’re used to temperatures hovering around the 80s the few months when temperatures … Read more