So, You’re Pregnant. Now What?

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Whether you were trying to conceive or just got a big fat positive test out of nowhere, what an exciting time!

Being pregnant comes with many ups and downs, like a lot of things in life. What sets it apart?

You get the beautiful gift of parenthood afterward.

You might be wondering what you can expect over the next nine months if this is your first child, but the truth is – you must expect the unexpected.

Don’t overwhelm yourself (easier said than done) with too many questions or worries, and it’s an exciting ride, and worrying will take away some of the joy.

couple hands on a pregnant belly

So let’s review some things to conquer first before you start jumping the gun and planning on how to lose your post-baby belly before your child is even here.

Rest, Relax and Recharge 

While, of course, you want to call an OB/Gyn as soon as you find out about your pregnancy, unless you are of advanced maternal age or high risk in another category, you likely won’t see your doctor until you are around twelve weeks pregnant.

So, buy some prenatal vitamins and start taking it easy.

So much baby growth occurs during your first three months before you even set foot in the doctor’s office – and it’s absolutely exhausting!

You will often worry about how little sleep you’ll get once the baby arrives, so look at the first trimester as your trial run.

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You will experience fatigue as you’ve never known.

Power through to the best of your ability and take time to rest, relax, and recharge whenever you can.

Your body is doing a lot of work, and you deserve it!

Make Your List and Check It Twice

Once you get through your second trimester, your days will be filled with a lot more excitement.

You’ll be visiting your doctor fairly regularly and get some routine testing done.

This is also the time you’ll find out the sex of your baby (if you choose to).

Your mind is going to be flooded with questions for your doctor, friends with children, and family members too.

Likely your partner has a lot of questions as well. So, make lists to keep track of questions you have and the answers you receive.

You may experience pregnancy brain fog and forgetfulness as you grow this tiny human, so a reference point is great to have on hand. 

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again 

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is making plans and executing them – and you certainly have a definitive deadline!

So plan your baby’s name, a gender reveal party, and a baby shower if you like. You’ll also want to decorate a room like a nursery or designate an area of your living space for you and the baby.

You’ll want to come up with a birthing plan – but be prepared for things to change.

baby hands holding adult fingers

You can’t control the outcome of delivery but so much.

Many mothers will tell you their birth story, and it rarely mirrors their plan, so be flexible and know that in the end, the health and safety of your baby are all that matters!

Home births can become caesareans and so on. Either way, stay confident that you will two be fine!

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 

As you approach the end of your pregnancy, you will no doubt be large and in charge.

This, like most things in life, is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, strangers are exceptionally friendly to you – holding doors, handing you something, smiling, and being overall excellent.

On the other hand, you are so uncomfortable! Any fears you may have about labor and delivery will fly out the window as you’re ready for a good night’s sleep and no more back pain.

The discomfort of your last couple of months of pregnancy does become a distant memory as soon as you hold your baby, so just hang in there, mama! 

Getting a positive pregnancy test can be a little scary, even if it was something you were actively trying for.

Pregnancy is complicated, but it’s beautiful in more ways than complex.

Embrace the changing of your body, celebrate the power of your womanhood, and congratulations! You got this!

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