2015 Reflection: Taking chances on yourself

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I’m still in disbelief that in 2015 alone, I’ve had the opportunity to explore 9 US cities and 21 foreign countries (12 unique + 9 repeats). I’m also so proud of the team of incredible writers that have become an integral part of our lifestyle voice. I’m proud to be my own boss, and even more so that I am able to contribute to the income of others. While I was very happy with where Surf and Sunshine was at the start of 2015, when I look back on the year, I’m just plain floored by what we’ve accomplished in just the past 12 months alone.

zip line

I spoke at a conference as an “expert”. I meandered through unfathomable ancient ruins. I’ve had my camera gear trampled by a charging baby elephant. I bobsled down the fastest ice track in the world (with the first Jamaican bobsled team coach nonetheless!). I explored a rainforest with my son and scuba dived the caribbean holding hands with my husband. I was given a beautiful 2016 Kia Sorento to drive for the year. My mom and son conquered their fear of heights on a zip line over Mexico. I rode a scooter along the breathtaking shores of the Amalfi Coast. I squished my toes in the mud of an Indigo Farm. I jumped in da Junkanoo line.

As amazing as all this is, my most esteemed accomplishment of 2015 was the decision to finally, without guilt, put myself first. Faced with being forty and flabby, I accepted an assignment to give UltraShape treatments a try and that decision changed my life more than I would have ever imagined. Being determined to make the absolute most out of this amazing opportunity given to me, I made several small, but impactful lifestyle changes that in the end, not only helped with my results but also with my future as a happy wife, a playful mom and a healthy person.

So without making you guys wait any longer, here are my results realized just 2 weeks after my third UltraShape treatment (8 weeks after my first treatment).

ultrashape results after 3 treatments

While it’s difficult to see much difference in the front view, I’d like for you to take notice of the smaller love handles and that my belly button sits slightly higher. Moving on to the angled and side views, well, they really do speak for themselves don’t they! If the photos aren’t enough, the numbers don’t lie. These are the numbers I lost during my #UltraYou journey…
2.25 inches
2% body fat
3.2 pounds

Two and a quarter inches around my waist folks – you can SEE it GONE from the bottom photo. Want to know how much that is? Just wrap a measuring tape around yourself and add 2.25 inches…it’s quite a bit, equivalent to 1-2 pant sizes actually! For me, I’m still wearing the same clothes in my closet, but they simply fit better. I can’t even wear my “fat” jeans anymore because they keep sliding down my hips, and my “my ass looks really good in these jeans” have lost the unsightly muffin top. That dress I couldn’t zip up 2 months ago? Yeah, I rocked it at this year’s Christmas Party. And as a reminder, 4 weeks after the final treatment is where maximum results are usually seen so I’m hoping to slim down even more in the next 2 weeks!

Impressive results and definitely not an easy feat to accomplish when you have to give up several days in gains by cheating on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I was determined to do my part to get the most out of my UltraShape treatments, and I’m so glad I did. I’m also really thankful to have been referred to Dr. Zena Gabriel’s office and placed in the very capable hands of Lori for my treatments. My experience was so enjoyable and I looked forward to visiting, despite the 40 mile one way drive. Every single person in the office makes you feel incredibly welcome and are a wealth of knowledge – from the front desk, to the nurses, to the technicians, to Dr. Zena herself. I really can’t recommend them enough for medical or surgical dermatology needs. I’m so pleased with my first round of results, I’m definitely considering a second (and YES! of course you can go for more than 3 sessions!)

I’m so pleased to be able to finish off 2015 and start a new year on such a positive note. I’ll be the first to admit that the journey hasn’t been easy – on both business and personal fronts. Just 4 years ago I somehow mustered up the courage to take a flying leap from the top with an extremely successful, established coupon blog to starting over again at ground zero with a new venture fueled by passion and curiosity. It was scary, pretty much abandoning my sole source of income to take a chance on something that followed my heart instead of my wallet. It was a huge unknown and one of those “just maybe” dreams. 

I’m so thankful for everyone who made this possible. My supportive husband and son. My senior editor, first employee and wingwoman Ashley. My talented team of writers. My awesome readers and followers. My amazing fellow bloggers and writers who support, care, give and love. My partners, brands and PR reps who believe.

And most of all, my guts for living for today and taking a chance on tomorrow.

I’m so ready for 2016 and excited to see what the new year will bring. Cheers to an incredible year filled with laughter and love for us all!

The biggest thank you ever to UltraShape and Dr. Zena Gabriel for providing these treatments for review purposes. You have changed my life in so many ways!!

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