Meeting the Cast of Muppets Most Wanted!


I have been a big fan of the Muppets since I was a child. Now that I have a young daughter, I’ve passed on that love to her. In fact every year at Christmastime, we watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s part of our Christmas tradition. I was thrilled to be able to catch an early screening of Muppets Most Wanted and even more excited when I got the opportunity to meet … [Read more...]

Inside the Disney Recording Studio of Frozen


When Kristen Bell visited the Roy E. Disney Animation Building to record her voice for Disney's animated film Frozen, she spent three full 8-hour days in the recording studio; and then all 24 hours of the footage was scrapped. So, Kristen came again for a few 8-hour days, and again almost all of the footage was scrapped. Even towards the end of the filming, Kristen … [Read more...]

Behind The Scenes of Frozen: Meet The Rigging Team!


 Did you know there are 312 characters that make up the kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen? While the population is quite small for a kingdom, there's actually more characters in Frozen than in any other Disney film to date!  If you were surprised by this fact like I was, credit can generously be given to the wonderful and talented rigging team at Disney's … [Read more...]

Five Fun Facts You Never Knew About Disney’s Frozen


Recently crossing the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office, Frozen has been able to melt audience's hearts of all ages and provide a connection with fans and filmmakers around the world. The relationship viewers have created with this film is unlike anything Disney Animation Studios has seen in quite some time, with producer Peter Del Vecho stating that the … [Read more...]

Disney First Look: Pirate Fairy Merchandise

Pirate Fairy Merchandise

Once in a blue moon, an animated movie comes along with such memorable (and cute) characters, that consumers can't wait to buy merchandise of their favorites immediately after seeing the film. It's a hard task for studios to achieve, yet one that DisneyToon's upcoming film Pirate Fairy accomplishes perfectly.  During a recent trip to DisneyToon Studios, I was … [Read more...]

Maleficent Trailer: Disney Debuts an Incredible 90 Second Sneak Peek


Did anyone watch the Grammy Awards the other night? A couple of highs (Hello Beyonce and Jay Z??!) but more than a few duds as well. One of my personal favorite moments was when Disney unveiled a 90-second sneak peek of MALEFICENT. Oh My G- Does Angelina Jolie make an amazing Maleficent or what? I would have never pictures her in a role such as this … [Read more...]