12 Summer Boredom Busters to Help Keep You and Your Kids Sane

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Summer is here, and like many mothers, I am already trying to successfully navigate the dreaded summer mantra, “I’m bored.” Just because summer is here doesn’t mean my workload lessens. I still have my day-to-day demands, and trying to entertain the kids all day isn’t always an option.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom in this pickle, so here is a list of my favorite boredom busters – some are just pure fun and some are engaging and educational.

If you are a busy mom looking to keep your kids entertained or just trying to keep your own annoyance levels to a minimum, check out these 12 summer boredom buster ideas. 

Playmobil Mars Space Station 

Mars Mission

I am always in awe of the Playmobil® toys. The incredible attention to detail and wide variety of sets offers something for every kid. The epic Mars Space Station is packed with accessories and awesome details that will inspire creative play. With a functioning double laser shooter, sound effects, lights and multiple chambers, it is a life-like space station!

There are two astronauts and a robot along for the ride as well as a variety of tools, space suits and more. Playmobil® has thought of everything for this space station, and kids will go crazy for the set. The Mission Rocket with Launch Site and the Satellite Meteoroid Laser are the perfect addition to the space station.

Unicorn Sprinkler


This giant Unicorn Sprinkler will help the kids cool off in the summer heat or would be awesome to have at a summer girl’s birthday party It is 82.6” x 33.5″ x65″ and suitable for kids or adults. It comes with stakes to hold it down and made of durable material that holds up outdoors. 

Fire Station Door Fort

door fortI love how the simplest of toys can totally captivate kids for hours, and that is why I love the Fire Station Door Fort from Cortex Toys. The tent goes together easily and attaches to a door to create the imaginative look of a fire station. My two very busy boys love running in and out, pretending to fight fires all afternoon. 

Gardening Wagon 


Get kids outside and teach them how to grow their own garden. The Liberty Imports Garden Wagon has all the necessities of tending to a garden. From flowers to veggies, kids will love taking care of their plants and watching them grow before their eyes. 

Night Buddies 

sharkLike every mom knows, nightlights are a crucial part of getting your kids to sleep on their own. My four year old demands that his night light be on all through the night, but I sneak in to turn it off after he has drifted off to sleep.

Instead of waking up to hear him yelling for me to turn the light back on, and paying for unnecessary electricity, the Night Buddies from Cortex Toys are my answer. These lovable buddies come in all different kinds of animals, and their eyes light up with a quick squeeze, eliminating the need for a night light. 

Kids Dome 

kids dome

This play structure is a great addition to any backyard. Kids can spend the afternoon climbing, jumping, and sliding. 

Bob Books®


Make sure your kids are still learning even during summer. The Bob Books® Versa Tiles are a screen-free way to keep kids engaged while teaching them to read. The numbered tiles are arranged in the tray according to reading prompts in the workbook. After each exercise, kids can check their work by comparing the picture the tiles make with the answer key.

The exercises teach kids letter basics to actual reading skills. It is a thought-provoking system that kids will enjoy as a challenging and fun way to learn. There are kits that range from Grade 1 to Grade 6 for both math and reading skills. 

Playtime Patio


Enjoy time outside grilling alongside the kiddos with this play patio. This patio for kids has a grill, kitchen sink, and a sand play area. It will keep kids out of the sun and in your sight while everyone enjoys summer afternoons.  

Pirate Pong 

pirates 1 1My kiddo loves all things related to Pirate life so Pirate Pong from Cortex Toys is one of his favorites. It comes with a net, two paddles, two balls, and two eye patches. Kids can work on hand-eye coordination and burn off some of that pent up energy with this set.    

Pedal Go Kart 

go kart

Kids can zip around all summer in a Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart. The comfortable design and ease to steer and pedal will have kids on the go. 


magnets 3 1This Super Experiment Magnets set provides kids the chance to learn and play. The kit comes with disc magnets, iron filling cases, magnetic wands and meeples, 2 cars, a ruler and a guide book that shows kids 9 magnet experiments.

The whole kit will encourage kids to work on their scientist skills and conduct their own experiments. With STEM learning a critical part of education, this set will intrigue kids with its variety of magnets and hold their interest long enough to do some learning. 

Jet Duck™ Create A Mermaid 

duckBath time is one of the hardest tasks during the summer. Trying to coax kids to come inside and take a bath before bed is liking wrestling a wild animal into your house. Yookidoo has a huge selection of toys for kids, and the bath toys have some of the most innovative designs that kids will love.

The Jet Duck™ Create a Mermaid comes with 15 accessories to make multiple mermaid creations and a suction cup container to easily organize it all. Kids won’t mind jumping in the tub when they get to play with toys like this. The silver fish on the back also sprays waters and steers the duck around the tub.

Yookidoo also has a Create a Pirate Duck and Create a Firefighter Duck

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