vertical herb garden

Small Space Gardening Ideas: Go Vertical!

I’ve always loved the “idea” of gardening, but never really put too much effort into it until we bought our first home. We had over a year’s worth of renovations to make to it, all of which were exciting and … Read more

storage 1

Clever Ways to Reuse and Recycle Detergent Bottles

Thunk, thunk, thunk…silence…”Oh come on!” I shout while tapping my laundry soap bottle and patiently watching as one tiny dribble slides out like a sad little tear. As usual, I am desperately trying to wash one more load of laundry which conveniently contains … Read more

BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max 4

Why I love the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max

The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max is the vacuum that cleans AND washes your floors at the SAME time – mind blown. I have a love-hate relationship with vacuuming. But then again, doesn’t everyone? While I’ve always been strangely obsessed with … Read more