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Beat Winter Skin with these Beauty Essentials

Winter wreaks havoc on our beauty regimen. It’s important to switch up your routine during each season to accommodate for the drastic changes in temperature and atmosphere. In the winter, there is less moisture in the air, hence that problem … Read more

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Five Tips for Forming Your Summer Style

Style changes with the seasons, and we are getting ready for the summer season. Generally speaking, this means sundresses, flip flops, and bright colors. Of course, you need to establish your own personal style to help you make the right … Read more

2013 Fall Hair Styles

Five Fabulous Fall Hair Styles

Cool weather is coming and while I’m swapping out my flip flops for riding boots and skirts for leggings, I’m also swapping out the beach curls for some cool weather hair styles. In our house, fall brings the beginning of … Read more

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25 Sports Bras to Show Off at the Gym

Half the battle of getting to the gym is finding the motivation to go. There is something about buying a new piece of clothing that makes you want to step out, and if you need a reason to get to … Read more