2016 kia sorento 1

California Dreaming in the 2016 Kia Sorento

Although I’m a fan of sunshine and warm weather, it’s easy to see why beautiful fall colors and rolling landscapes often beckon adventurers out to play in the crisp, cool air. While I immediately jumped out as we drove by … Read more

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‘Big Hero 6’ interviews: Revenge of the nerds

Science has been making a notable name for itself in pop culture recently. As the celebrity statuses of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and tech icon Elon Musk continue permeating mainstream media, massively popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory and movies … Read more


Toddlers and Technology: Embrace or Reject?

I was asked to write an article about early childhood technology in 2012 and it was originally published here. I am re-posting it below and welcome your thoughts and opinions. Introducing technology to children at an early age seems to be a hot topic … Read more

DIY Baby Onsie

8 Really Adorable DIY Baby Shower Gifts

When you’re known for giving creative DIY gifts to family and friends, you always end up running into a problem. Before you know it, you have become obligated to bring these amazing creative DIY gifts to everything. Last year I … Read more

Adorable DIY Baby Shower Gifts

10 Creative DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Some of these awesome DIY baby shower gift ideas I’m going to share with you are cuter than anything store bought, make great gifts AND they cost less! The best thing about having a baby in your life? You get … Read more

Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark

We Built a Waterpark in Our Back Yard!

I’m so jealous. Kids have the coolest toys these days – way better than anything we had “back in my day.” When I was younger, all I had was a hose to play with on hot sunny days. The “cool … Read more