Easter Basket

A Sweet But Sugar Free Easter Basket Idea

It’s less than a week to Easter and the Easter Bunny had not prepared a single basket for our house! Walking down the aisles of our supermarket, he looked high and low at the Easter supplies. Tall baskets, small baskets … Read more

logitech harmony smart keyboard

Finally a Smart Keyboard for Your Smart TV

How many remotes are currently setting on your coffee table or shoved into the cracks and crevices of your couch? It’s a bit ridiculous when I stop and think just how many remotes are in our home. The console remote, … Read more

ReadyWhenYouAre Bus Photos

Get Ready to Meet Microsoft’s Cortana!

I am as wired to my smartphone as the next person. Whether I’m snapping photos of my daughter, checking out the latest online news, texting my husband or listening to music while jogging around the park – these are all … Read more


LG Soars To New Highs With The Optimus F3

In a world where smartphones seem to be in an ever-continuing race for having the smallest screen and highest megapixels, one budget-friendly smartphone is quietly providing exactly what consumer’s want, without any of the marketing fuss: The Optimus F3. Created … Read more

50GSR3000 Banner Image

Choosing a Smart TV: LED or LCD?

When my husband and I bought our first house, we really enjoyed filling it with things of our own. Some things were old, a few things were borrowed and much of it was new. It was purchasing the ‘new’ things … Read more

IMG 0758 1

Learn to Write and Draw with LeapFrog Mr Pencil

Whistler has been a proud owner of an iPad since he was 10 months old. I’ve been a huge proponent of kids and technology since day one. Like everything else in life, content and moderation make the difference. It’s important … Read more

CosmoCamp App 3

Learning Apps for Toddlers That Actually Teach

The staff here at Surf and Sunshine are raising a new generation of Techies. By now I’m sure you know our stance on technology and children, some of our favorite products like the VTech InnoTab and of course the beloved … Read more