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12 Ways to Start Winterizing Your Car Now

Winter is around the corner, and for those living in colder climates, now is the time to prep your car. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on a car’s performance and potentially leave you stranded. Back in 2014, thousands of unprepared … Read more

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What is a circus without elephants?

This May signaled the end of an era for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus as their final eleven elephants retired to a 200 acre sanctuary in central Florida to spend the rests of their days soaking up the … Read more

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7 Bizarre bikes you can rent…and attempt to ride

Trade in that boring old two-wheeler for something more exciting. All over the country, cities are stepping up their bike rental game and introducing some of the craziest bikes you never knew existed. Here are 7 bizarre bikes you can … Read more


Is Your Family Shameless?

Have you been cursed with a crazy family? Does every gathering turn into a screaming match? Is there no such thing as a secret because no one can keep their mouth shut? Do you often think your outrageous family is … Read more

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7 Must See Nautical Tours in the US

Step off the beaten path and onto a dock this summer. These seven destinations have amazing boat tours which allow for fresh, incredible views and detailed history you won’t get anywhere else. Munising, MI In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the … Read more

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4 Useful Parent Resources for Homework Help

One of the easiest ways you can help your child with their homework is to show that you think homework and education are important. If you don’t believe it, they wont either. Some easy ways to do this are: Set … Read more

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Oh The Places We Would Roam With The Kia Trail’ster

When Kia unveiled the new Trail’ster at the Chicago Auto Show last week it was to the rapid fire of shutters accompanied by collective praise across Twitter. It piqued the interest of those who doubted the Soul and had Soul enthusiasts demanding the … Read more


Into The Woods Review: After the “I Wish”

Into the Woods is a musical mash-up of your favorite fairytales that goes beyond the happily-ever-after to discover that things may not be as perfect as they once seemed after the first “I Wish.” No stranger to the stage-to-screen musical … Read more