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Frozen Filmmakers Visit Canada’s Ice Hotel

Celebrating the full-circle completion of Disney’s Frozen with the DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack release, the filmmakers were treated to a stay at the Hotel del Glace in Quebec City, Canada to see how their work influenced this year’s design. … Read more

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Inside the Disney Recording Studio of Frozen

When Kristen Bell visited the Roy E. Disney Animation Building to record her voice for Disney’s animated film Frozen, she spent three full 8-hour days in the recording studio; and then all 24 hours of the footage was scrapped. So, … Read more

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Hidden Easter Eggs From Disney Frozen Revealed!

Disney’s latest film “Frozen” has melted the hearts of audiences worldwide, achieving a worldwide opening of $110.6 million and grabbing the top spot last weekend at the box office. Compared favorably to films of the Disney Renaissance, “Frozen” has received … Read more