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What Goes Better Together than Disney and Chocolate?

Nothing! One of my favorite parts about California Adventure is going to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop located on their Fisherman’s Warf. Walking by, you’re lured close by the smell of the freshly made waffle cones … Read more


8 Underrated Movie Couples

If you’re a bird, then you definitely missed these guys and gals whose big screen romances have been pushed aside by Ryan Gosling’s face and general desirability. 1. Woody & Bo Peep – Toy Story Bo Peep was a perfect lady … Read more

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Is All Lost for Robert Redford?

What would you do if you were stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean with a hole in your sailboat? How about we add a hurricane or two into the mix? Now what? Would you give up or would … Read more

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Dare to Expose with The Fifth Estate

Here we are in our very own Fifth Estate. Though medieval in origin, present day philosopher Nayef Al-Rodhan has declared blogs to be in the fifth estate of media. The fifth estate has been a term somewhat negatively used since … Read more

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A Look Behind Disney Frozen’s Animation #DisneyFrozen

During my latest trip to Disney’s Animation Studios, I had a special behind-the-scenes opportunity to tour and interview several different departments involved in their latest animation adventure, Frozen. This film not only demanded skillful animators, but a strong technical team … Read more


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones #TMImovie

For the past few years, the debate has been Team Edward or Team Jacob. Last year it suddenly became Team Gale or Team Peeta with the Teen book series Hunger Games “catching fire” across the nation. Now with the popularity … Read more

Sword In The Stone

Fun Trivia for Disney’s The Sword in the Stone

For true admirers and fans of Walt Disney, The Sword in the Stone holds a special place as it was the last animated masterpiece whose release Walt Disney lived to see. Although Walt Disney never knew it, he himself was character designer Bill … Read more