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Is Disney’s Get a Horse! Made From Old Footage?

As someone who regularly watches and reviews new Disney features, I’ve found that I recently began looking forward to the animated shorts before the movies just as much as the movies themselves. Because I often have the opportunity for behind … Read more


Real Talk with the Cast of Delivery Man

In the film Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn stars as average-joe type David Wozniak, who becomes confronted with his place in life when he is informed that he has 533 children through his sperm donations in college. As if that wasn’t enough of … Read more

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Visit the Darkness in Thor: The Dark World

We’ve already fallen in love with Thor, and thankfully, he’s back in his third live-action film appearance with Thor: The Dark World. In case you missed him in Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is the son of … Read more

From Page To Screen: The Book Thief

In the almost 70 years since World War II, many biographies and accounts of Nazi Germany have been published and made into films. In 2005, Australian author Markus Zusak released The Book Thief, a fictional story about an endearing young girl … Read more


Rachel McAdams Shines in #AboutTime

Select theaters have already had the chance to see About Time, which opens nationwide this Friday, November 8th, but if you haven’t been convinced to see it, one woman should be enough to seal the deal: Rachel McAdams. Personally, McAdams … Read more